“To lead an entity that will transform, evolve and make the impossible possible in the world of real estate.”


“H Real Estate’s current objective is to be the best Real Estate company in the GCC. A name that will be recognized in the region for its commitment to excellence and innovation.”

Who we are ?

H Real Estate is a shareholding company located in the epicenter of Manama, the capital of Bahrain.  We are registered with the Ministry of Commerce under the laws of the Kingdom of Bahrain. Bahrain is a country nestled in the GCC and is in strategic proximity to Saudi, Qatar, Kuwait and the UAE.  We currently have clients all across the GCC and we are liaising with leading developers to bring forth interesting real estate opportunities to the market.  Our current focus is the Kingdom of Bahrain which offers a warm community for residents and a growing market with considerable investment potential. The infrastructure in Bahrain provides ample opportunity for business entrepreneurs who are eager to expand.

Commercial and residential real estate in Bahrain is competitively priced and offers an attractive discount in comparison with neighboring GCC markets.  We can help you find attractive real estate opportunities grossing up to 12% annual returns.  If you are looking to make an investment we can have our team member’s custom make a portfolio. We can help find these opportunities and bundle them into one portfolio and manage the portfolio for you in houseWe will analyze your financial needs and specifications and based on this we will provide an investment solution for you.  We can help you find local counter-parties and banks that should be able to meet your financing needs. If we don’t offer the service we will guide and help you get what you need.  We will manage the buying process and later manage your properties for you. 

We are happy to coordinate our efforts to bringing forth the best possible opportunities in real estate to you.

We are a one stop shop for all your real estate needs!!!

Whether you are buying a home, an office, a building…  we will find you the best possible deals available!

If you are buying a home for example, we realize that it may be one of the most important investment decisions you will ever make.  Just tell us what you are looking for and will focus our research efforts in getting you what you need for the RIGHT price.

If you are selling a property we promise to find you a serious buyer.  Our team has a meticulous process for listing properties.  We will display only high quality photographs of your property and will highlight your finest attributes. Furthermore when managing your sale our team members will make certain that your property is displayed on various premium websites including our own.  If you are not sure what the current market price for your property should be we are more than happy to visit your property and give you a property valuation.

Let H Real Estate be your birds’ eye view on the market. We have no conflicts of interest and look out for our clients’ interests above all

Client satisfaction is simply our top priority.